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International Postal/Courier Operator

  • Agency: Communication Commission of Kenya
  • Purpose: Operates express mail service internationally and within domestic.
  • Application Fee: Kshs 10,000/=
  • License Fee: Initial License fee Kshs 450,000/=,Kshs 450,000/= or 0.5 % of annual turnover whichever is less
  • Maximum Processing Time: 135 days
  • Statutes:
  • Gazetted On: 1999-04-26
  • Related Websites: www.cck.go.ke
  • Validity: 15 years
  • Enactment: 1999-04-26
  • Contact Office: Director/Licensing, Compliance and Standards (LCS)
  • Resolution Criteria: 20% total shares allotted to kenyans at least by 3rd year of operation
  • (i) Certified copy of business registration or company incorporation in kenya
  • (ii) Certified copy CR 12 certificate showing the list of the directors from the registrar of companies
  • (iii) Certified copy of PIN certificate
  • (iv) Certified copy of VAT certificate
  • (v) Certified copy of TAX compliance certificate
  • (vi) Certified copy of passports/identification cards of shareholders
  • (vii) Letter of application with company seal (where applicable)
  • (viii) Non refundable license application fees of kshs 10,000/=
  • (ix) A Business plan of the proposed service (annex 1)
  • (x) List of current/proposed tariffs where applicable
  • Licensing Body: Communication Commission of Kenya
    • Head Office

      • Tel: +254-020-4242000/4349111
      • Physical Address: Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) Waiyaki Way
      • Postal Address: P.0. Box 14448 - 0080 WestLands Nairobi Kenya
      • City: Nairobi City County
      • Email Address: info@cck.go.ke Email this Agency
      • Website: http://www.cck.go.ke
      • Operating Hours: 8.00 am-1.00 pm / 2.00 pm to 5.00pm