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  • Agency: Insurance Regulatory Authority
  • Purpose: To authorize to transact insurance business
  • Application Fee: Kshs.150,000/=
  • License Fee: No Fee
  • Maximum Processing Time: 3 Months
  • Statutes:
  • Gazetted On: 1987-01-01
  • Related Websites: www.ira.go.ke
  • Validity: One year
  • Enactment: 1987-01-01
  • Contact Office: Technical office
  • Resolution Criteria: All conditions must be met
  • (1) There is no complaint against the applicant.
  • (2) There are no pending issues.
  • (3) The applicant has satisfactory financial standing as well as adequate earning prospects.
  • (4)The main application Form and its appendices are duly completed and signed.
  • (5)The applicant has complied with all essential requirements contained in the Insurance Act.
  • (6) A recommendation letter from at least one underwriter should be submitted.
  • (7)The required fee of KShs.3,000 has been paid vide a bankers’ cheque payable to “Insurance Regulatory Authority”.
  • (8) Response to circulars, notices etc. should be satisfactory
  • (9)The name of the firm in order and acceptable and it portrays the kind of work being undertaken.
  • (10)A certificate of incorporation if the firm is a company or a certificate of registration of business name.
  • Licensing Body: Insurance Regulatory Authority
    • Head Office

      • Tel: + 254 020 4996000,4997000,0727 563110
      • Physical Address: Zep-Re Place Longonot Road,off mara Road Upper Hill
      • Postal Address: P O Box 43505 - 00100 Nairobi Kenya
      • City: Nairobi City County
      • Email Address: commins@skyweb.co.ke Email this Agency
      • Website: http://www.ira.go.ke
      • Operating Hours: 8.00 am-1.00 pm / 2.00 pm to 5.00pm