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35 Certificate of Ownership
De-register The Motor vehicle for export (Permantly for export)
Kenya Revenue Authority
36 Bird shooting Block Booking vouchers
Booking for bird shooting in designated bird shooting blocks
Director of the Kenya Wildlife Service
37 Certificate of Variation/Transfer/Surrender of Environmental Impact Assessment license.
To follow-up on license conditions and changes that may occur following the Environmental Impact Assessment licences
National Environment Management Authority
39 Certificate of compliance
To certify that a new radiation premises is compliant to the Radiation Protection Standards
Radiation Protection Board
40 Certificate of temporary registration as a geologist
To regulate the activities and conduct of foreign geologists entering kenya
Geologists Registration Board
41 Cinema/Theatre License
To regulate exhibition of films in Cinema theaters
Kenya Film Censorship Board
42 Cinematography/photography/ filming permit in KWS National Parks & Reserves
Regulatory Compliance
Director of the Kenya Wildlife Service
43 Compliance Certificate
Ensure compliance with approved subdivision plans for commercial, agricultural, industrial,petrol service station
Director of Physical Planning
44 Conductors license with badge
To vet, regulate and license public service vehicle conductors
Kenya Revenue Authority
45 Consent to use a foreign fishing craft within the exclusive economic zone for the purpose of fisheries research or of experimentation or sport
To exercise sovereign rights with respect to exploration and exploitation and conservation and management of the natural resources within the exclusive economic zone
Minister for Livestock and Fisheries Development
46 Cooling Plant Licence
Regulate the handling and distribution of raw milk from cooling plants of various capacities below and above 5,000 litres
Kenya Dairy Board
47 Certificate of Registration of Administrator
Certify Registration of Administrator
Retirement Benefits Authority
48 Certificate of Registration of Custodian
Certify Registration of Custodian
Retirement Benefits Authority
49 Certificate of Registration of Manager
Certify Registration of Manager
Retirement Benefits Authority
50 Copy of Records
Verification confirmation of motor vehicle particulars
Kenya Revenue Authority
51 Cottage Industry
To regulate dairies dealing in specialised products and to promote dairy enterprises at small and medium scale.
Kenya Dairy Board
52 Certificate of Registration of Scheme
Certify Registration of Scheme
Retirement Benefits Authority
55 Credit Reference Bureau
Obtain,receive,store,manage,evaluate,update and disseminate customer information to subscribers
Bank Supervision Department
56 Certificate of Meat Transport
Maintaining Hygienic in meat plant
Department of Veterinary Services
57 Customs Agents License
To act as agents for transacting business relating to declarations of goods
Kenya Revenue Authority
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