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254 Second hand dealer licence.
Issued to second hand motor vehicle dealers.
Kenya Revenue Authority
260 Single Business Permit
To permit the conduct of a business or trade including profession or occupation within the area of a local authority
Nairobi City County
262 School licence
Licence driving schools
Kenya Revenue Authority
274 Special /Continous/Rail/Road Transport Permit
Legalises movement of explosives by Rail/Road
Mines & Geology department
276 Special Dealers License Incorporating Exporters Licence for Unwrought Precious Metals
For dealing in and exporting gold, silver and the platinum group of metals.
Mines & Geology department
299 Special Licence
(1) Right to carry out geological investigations to quantify the mineral deposit over a given area in lands closed to Prospecting and Mining. (2) Right to carry out mining activities (after undertaking an Environmental Impact Assessment)
Mines & Geology department
310 Ship Chandlers
To regulate Ship Chandlers operations within the Kenya Ports Authority jurisdiction.
Kenya Ports Authority
318 Ship Contractors
To regulate the operations of ship contracting firms within the jurisdiction of the port.
Kenya Ports Authority
323 Small Boat Operators
To regulate the small boats operating within the jurisdiction of Kenya Ports Authority
Kenya Ports Authority
329 Sludge/Waste Water Collector
To regulate sludge collectors operating within the Kenya Ports Authority jurisdiction
Kenya Ports Authority
384 Supply of Electricity
Transmission of electrical energy
Energy Regulatory Commission
458 Submarine Cable Landing Operator
Building of undersea infrastructure.
Communication Commission of Kenya
466 Special Fireworks Import Permit (Endorsed on Fireworks Import/Export Permit)
To legalise importation of fireworks exclusively for display by the permittee.
Mines & Geology department
467 Surrender of Mining Lease
Right to surrender, relinguish and vacate lease area.
Mines & Geology department
468 Special Mining Lease
Right to mine the mineral deposits established under special licences or in consideration of difficulties and cost attending the mining in or under the lease area.
Mines & Geology department
470 Special Storage Permit (Endorsed on Storage Licence)
Legalise temporary storage of explosives
Mines & Geology department
474 Ship Surveyor
To regulate ship survey services within the port
Kenya Ports Authority
475 Safety And Ship Equipment Supplier
To regulate safety and ships equipment services to the ships within the juridiction of Kenya Ports Authority
Kenya Ports Authority
477 Soft Drink Distributor
To Regulate the operation of selling and distribution of soft drinks within the juridiction of Kenya Ports Authority
Kenya Ports Authority
478 Scratch Cards Vendor and Telphone Service Provider (Per Booth)
To regulate the operation of selling of scratch Cards,telephone services within the jurisdiction of Kenya Ports Authority
Kenya Ports Authority
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