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219 Radiation Premises Licence
To protect the public, radiation workers and the environment from dangers arising from use of ionising radiation
Radiation Protection Board
226 Receipt and Certificate of Registration of Book
Keeping of cards,records and preparing a bibliography
Registrar of Books & Newspapers
227 Receipt for initial /Annual Return of Newspaper
Regulation of books and newspaper
Registrar of Books & Newspapers
228 Reflective Number Plates Singles
Identification mark of trailer and motor cycles
Kenya Revenue Authority
230 Reflective number plates pair
Identification mark for vehicles other than trailers and motor cycles
Kenya Revenue Authority
233 Registration as a teacher
Authority to teach
Teachers Service Commision
234 Registration as an Environmental Impact Assessment Expert
Control the quality of Environmental Impact Assessment /EA reporting by ensuring ethical and professional conduct
National Environment Management Authority
235 Renewal of Instructors licence
Licensing of driving school instructors
Kenya Revenue Authority
236 Renewal of Mining Locations
Renew and extend validity of a Mining Location on expiry for a period of one year
Mines & Geology department
237 Registration For Artificial aloe farming
Regulatory Compliance
Director of the Kenya Wildlife Service
238 Renewal of Special Licence
Renew and extend validity of a Special Licence on expiry
Mines & Geology department
240 Registration of a Mining Location (A location comprises of a maximum of 10 claims and a claim has a maximum measure of 200m by 250m)
Prospecting and Mining rights over a specific area in lands not excluded to Prospecting and Mining
Mines & Geology department
241 Renewal of a Mining Lease
Renew and extend validity of a mining lease on its expiry.
Mines & Geology department
242 Renewal of an Exclusive Prospecting Licence.
Renew and extend validity of an Exclusive Prospecting Licence on expiry.
Mines & Geology department
243 Registration of a charitable children's institution
Standardize charitable children institution operations
National Council for Children's Services
244 Repairer's licence
Ensure that repairers of Weighing and Measuring instruments are qualified and competent
Director of Weights & Measures
245 Registration of millers
Register as a sugar miller
Kenya Sugar Board
248 Renewal of Driving Licence
Validation of licence after expiry or loss
Kenya Revenue Authority
249 Representative office-application
To promote business interest of institutions licensed and incorporated outside Kenya
Bank Supervision Department
253 Residence
Residence of retired foreigners
Department of Immigration
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