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167 Marketing Agency Licence
Buy/sell sisal/fibre
Kenya Sisal Board
168 Meat Transport Permit
Department of Veterinary Services
169 Memorandum of Complaint
Lodge of complaint for dispute resolution.
Mines & Geology department
171 Mill Operating Licenses
License to operate a sugar factory or jaggery mill
Kenya Sugar Board
173 Mineral Export Permit
Authority to export a particular mineral consignment.
Mines & Geology department
174 Mini Dairy
To regulate dairy operators who handle volumes not exceeding 5,000 litres and process a variety of other dairy products
Kenya Dairy Board
178 Mining Lease
Right to mine the mineral deposits established under proceeding exploration licenses in areas not closed to mining I.e. Mining Locations and Exclusive Prospecting Licences.
Mines & Geology department
179 Molasses Permit
Permit to procure molasses from local sugar companies
Kenya Sugar Board
180 Mortgage Finance Company License
To transact mortgage finance companies business
Bank Supervision Department
314 Milk Bar
Issued to retail milk outlets handling very low quantities ranging from 50 to 1,000 litres per day.
Kenya Dairy Board
326 Marine Surveryors and Engineers
To regulate the operations of Marine Engineers and surveyors firms within the jurisdiction of the port.
Kenya Ports Authority
400 Medical insurance provider
To authorize to transact insurance business
Insurance Regulatory Authority
402 Motor Assesor
To Authorize to transact insurance business
Insurance Regulatory Authority
443 Meat Inspection Fees Receipt
Department of Veterinary Services
469 Mineral Dealers Licence
For dealing or trading in minerals
Mines & Geology department
476 Marine Contractor
To regulate marine contractor services within the juridiction of Kenya Ports Authority
Kenya Ports Authority
522 Manufacturing License
Manufacturer of drugs
Pharmacy & Poisons Board
535 Master Degree Course Approval
Training of Masters Degree in pharmacy
Pharmacy & Poisons Board
551 Member of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Cylinder Exchange Pool
Approval to join an Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder exchange pool
Energy Regulatory Commission