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129 Licence to Import Fireworks (Fireworks Importer's Licence)
Authority to import Fireworks into the Country
Mines & Geology department
131 Licence to Render
Monitor and regulate interns or foreign doctors practicing on voluntary basis
Medical Practitioners & Dentists Board
135 Licence to Store Blasting Explosives
Legalize storage of Blasting Explosives
Mines & Geology department
139 Licence to manufacture Explosives (Blasting Explsoives - Ammonium Nitrate Fuel oil mixture (ANFO)
To legalize manufacture of Blasting Explosives
Mines & Geology department
140 License to Deal in Blasting Explosives (Dealers License)
To legalize Dealership in Blasting Explosives.
Mines & Geology department
142 Licence to Manufacture Fireworks
To legalize manufacture of Fireworks
Mines & Geology department
144 Licence to operate a Private Museum,
-To regulate all activities of the Private Museum -To protect Kenyan's National Heritage from being excavated or collected in the field by unqualified professionals.
National Museums of Kenya
145 Licence to Store Blasting Explosives
Legalize storage of Blasting Explosives
Mines & Geology department
147 License to dispose radioactive materials.
To protect the public and the environment from the hazards associated with radioactive waste.
Radiation Protection Board
156 License to sell, lease, loan or deal with radiation devices or radioactive materials
To ensure irradiating devices or radioactive materials are only sold to licensed radiation facilities or persons
Radiation Protection Board
157 Licensing of Water Services Board
Provision of Water Services within a specified area
Water Services Regulatory Board
158 Licensing of foreign vehicles/permit for motor vehicle
Register and control entry of foreign vehicles in the country
Kenya Revenue Authority
159 Live fish movement permit
To ensure that unauthorized introductions of fish into aquatic resources does not take place
Ministry of Fisheries Development
166 Locum Licence
To render Medical and Dental Services at private medical institution on locum basis
Clinical Officers Council
200 Licence to own/ operate a waste treatment disposal site
Regulate waste treatment and disposal facilities
National Environment Management Authority
255 Local Slaughterhouse
Department of Veterinary Services
279 License to manufacture excisable goods
To control manufacture and sales of excisable goods
Kenya Revenue Authority
283 License to install, service or maintain irradiating devices or radioactive materials
To ensure the licensed engineers are trained in radiation safety and security
Radiation Protection Board
284 Licence to Posses or Use Radioactive Materials or Irradiating Devices.
To protect the public, radiation workers and the environment from dangers arising from use of ionising radiation.
Radiation Protection Board
285 License for modification of Radiation Premises, radioactive material or irradiating device
To ensure the modification does not compromise the radiation safety standards upon which the radiation facility was licensed
Radiation Protection Board
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