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71 Effluent Discharge License
Regulate the discharge of effluent into the environment
National Environment Management Authority
73 Endorsement of Driving Licences
Upgrade driving entitlements following licensing to drive additional vehicle types
Kenya Revenue Authority
74 Entry Permit -Aliens Card
Employment other than the Government
Department of Immigration
80 Entry Permit (Class B)
Employment in Government, East African Community or Authorities under their control
Department of Immigration
82 Entry Permit (Class C)
Employment in approved technical aid Agencies
Department of Immigration
85 Export Permit
Sugar and By product exportation
Kenya Sugar Board
86 Export Permit
To regulate the exportation of Kenyas dairy products by protecting Kenyas international export markets and requiring products to meet requisite sanitary requirements
Kenya Dairy Board
87 Export Slaughterhouse License
Department of Veterinary Services
88 Export Permit and health certificate for live animals,birds,live fish and fertile eggs
Department of Veterinary Services
89 Export license for dogs and cats
Department of Veterinary Services
150 Entry Permit (Class E)
Employment of members of Missionary Societies
Department of Immigration
152 Entry Permit (Class F)
Business of Agriculture or animal husbandry
Department of Immigration
155 Entry Permit (Class G)
Business of prospecting for minerals and mining
Department of Immigration
160 Entry Permit (Class H)
Business for Specific Trade or profession
Department of Immigration
161 Entry Permit (Class I)
Business in specific manufacture
Department of Immigration
163 Entry Permit (Class J)
Business of prescribed professions
Department of Immigration
170 Entry Permit (class A)
Employment other than in Government
Department of Immigration
175 Environment Impact Assessment License
To control construction, operation and decommissioning of activities impacting negatively on the environment
National Environment Management Authority
176 Exclusive Prospecting Licence
(1) Right to carry out geological investigations to quantify the mineral deposit over a given area in lands not closed from Prospecting and Mining. (2) Right for alluvial mining on request and consent from the Commissioner after undertaking
Mines & Geology department
292 Export/Transit waste
(i) Regulate transboundary movement of hazardous waste. (ii) Comply with basel convention on transboundary movement of hazardous waste and their disposal
National Environment Management Authority
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