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58 Dairy Manager
To regulate of personnel who manage dairy based on their competencies to ensure that only qualified personnel handle dairy products for quality and safety.
Kenya Dairy Board
62 Deposit-taking microfinance business license
To make provision for the licensing,regulation and supervision of microfinance business and for connected purposes
Bank Supervision Department
64 Dealers general licence
Issued to dealers or manufacturer or repairer of motor vehicles
Kenya Revenue Authority
65 Diamond Dealers License (Local Trading)
For dealing in diamonds locally.
Mines & Geology department
67 Diamond Export Permit
Authority to Export a given diamond consignment.
Mines & Geology department
70 Drivers Certificate of Competency
Certificate of qualification as a driver
Kenya Revenue Authority
72 Drivers PSV Licence
License Public Service Vehicle Drivers
Kenya Revenue Authority
77 Driving Licence
Provide identity for qualified and licensed drivers on the road
Kenya Revenue Authority
79 Driving licence(Exchange)
Provide identity forqualified and licensed driverson the road
Kenya Revenue Authority
81 Duplicate Driving Licence
Provide identity for qualified and licensed drivers on the road
Kenya Revenue Authority
83 Duty Free Shop License
Facilitation of trade
Kenya Revenue Authority
325 Dunnage Buyers
To regulate the operations of dunage firms within the jurisdiction of the port.
Kenya Ports Authority
383 Distribution of Electricity
Supply of electrical energy
Energy Regulatory Commission
455 Document Exchange Operator
Dealing/facilitating the exchange of mail/documents and related articles between member institution.
Communication Commission of Kenya
508 Disposal of pest control products
Appropriate capacity to ensure that there is compliance to humans and environment
Pest Control Products Board
515 Drug Registration Certificate
Drug Registration
Pharmacy & Poisons Board
532 Degree Course Approval
Training of degree in pharmacy
Pharmacy & Poisons Board
533 Diploma Course Approval
Training of Diploma
Pharmacy & Poisons Board