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11 Access to genetic resources
To regulate the utilization of biological resources for the purposes of their sustainability & fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from them
National Environment Management Authority
13 Analyst's Certificate
Department of Veterinary Services
15 Annual licence to practice as an Environmental Impact Assement/Environmental Assessment expert
Control the quality of EIA/EA reporting by ensuring ethical and professional conduct
National Environment Management Authority
20 Approval of any advertisement relating to issues to the public
To prevent misleading or incomplete disclsoure of information to investors
Capital Markets Authority
21 Approval of any suspension or de-listing of securities on a securities exchange
To ensure protection of investor interests in the event of the suspension from listing or de-listing of any security on a securities exchange
Capital Markets Authority
22 Approval of disclosures for additional listings
To ensure the protection of shareholder and investor from dillution of their interests without approval
Capital Markets Authority
23 Approval of offers of securities to the public whether listed or not
To ensure investor interests are adequately protected in case of any offer of securities to the public
Capital Markets Authority
24 Approval of transactions in listed securities outside a securities exchange
To ensure maximum transparency in listed transactions and to allow the market forces to determine transaction values and parties
Capital Markets Authority
25 Approval to amend Central Depository Rules
To ensure that rules are not amended in a manner that would prejudice investor interests
Capital Markets Authority
26 Assignment of Mining Lease
Assign or transfer a mining lease to another party.
Mines & Geology department
28 Authorization To Constract Works for use of Water Category A,B,C,and D
To give customer authorisation to construct water works
Water Resources Management Authority
280 Advertisement on Billboards
To control and regulate out door advertising
Nairobi City County
337 A coffee Miller Licence
Authorizing the holder to conduct the business on milling
Coffee Board of Kenya
370 Authorisation Letter to Engage in Mobile Payments
To regulate Payment system / service provided by non-banks
Bank Supervision Department
437 Approval of Academic Programmes
Ensures that the approved programmes are contextualized to the Kenyan situation while maintaining the international academic standards
Commission for Higher Education
442 Animal Movement no Objection Chit
Department of Veterinary Services
460 Applications Service Providers
Providing application services
Communication Commission of Kenya
527 Advertisments and Promotions Letter of Approval
Medicines Promotional Materials
Pharmacy & Poisons Board
568 Aquarium fish dealer’s license
Ministry of Fisheries Development
569 Aquarium fisherman’s permit
Ministry of Fisheries Development
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