About Us

Kenya’s Business Licensing e-Registry is one of several integrated and mutually supportive measures being implemented by the Government to establish a better business regulatory environment in Kenya. The other measures include: (i) the comprehensive review of all business licenses conducted in 2006-7, (ii) the establishment of a Business Regulatory Reform Unit, (iii) the development of a medium-term Regulatory Reform Strategy, which will frame continued regulatory streamlining and capacity-building, as well as (iv) a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) system to assess the costs and benefits of new regulations.

The e-Registry’s role – increasing transparency and reducing regulatory risks to businesses… The purpose of the e-Registry is to provide easy access to exhaustive information about business licenses and permits as well as the formalities businesses must comply with to obtain them.  Developed in accordance with international good practice, an easily accessible, comprehensive and central registry of business regulation, if reliable and kept up to date, contributes significantly to improving transparency and to reducing regulatory risks and uncertainty for businesses.

The e-Registry database currently contains information on over 400 business licenses and permits.  Additional license information is being continually added, particularly for licenses issued by the various local governments in Kenya.

The e-Registry Team – at your service….The e-Registry is managed by a dedicated team in the Business Regulatory Reform Unit (BRRU) within the Kenyan Ministry of Finance.  The e-Registry team is charged with: (i) keeping the content of the e-Registry database up to date by liaising with regulators across government and (2) responding to e-mail and telephone enquiries from users seeking clarification or further information about specific licenses.  They also manage the FAQ page on the web site to respond to most common requests, but will also liaise with the appropriate regulatory agency for more complex enquiries.  You can send an enquiry to the team through the form on the Contact Us page of the web site.

Thanks to our Partners…The Government of Kenya is grateful to Investment Climate Advisory Services of the World Bank Group and its donor partners - DFID, the Dutch Government and the World Bank Group -- for their valuable technical and financial assistance to the e-Registry project and to their ongoing support for the broader investment climate reform agenda in Kenya.