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Deposit-taking microfinance business license

  • Agency: Bank Supervision Department
  • Purpose: To make provision for the licensing,regulation and supervision of microfinance business and for connected purposes
  • Application Fee: Ksh 5,000/=(None refundable)
  • License Fee:  Ksh.150,000/= annually plus branch license fees as follows (a) Branch within in a city or municipal council Ksh. 50,000/= (b) Branch within a town council kshs 20,000/= (c) Branch within a county council kshs 10,000/=
  • Maximum Processing Time: One Month
  • Statutes:
  • Gazetted On: 2008-05-02
  • Related Websites:
  • Validity: One year
  • Enactment: 2006-05-02
  • Contact Office: Office of the Director Bank Supervision Department
  • Resolution Criteria: If the applicant meets the prescribed requirements
  • License Type: License/Permit