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Cinematography/photography/ filming permit in KWS National Parks & Reserves

  • Agency: Director of the Kenya Wildlife Service
  • Purpose: Regulatory Compliance
  • Application Fee: No Fee
  • License Fee: Kshs. 8000/wk/filming crew less than 5 pers or kshs. 12,000/wkd/6-10 pers or kshs.20,000 plus 15% conservation fee of all chargeable fee for a crew more than 11 persons whose activities are likely to have a significant impact on environment & might require an EIA
  • Maximum Processing Time: One day
  • Statutes:
  • Gazetted On: 1976-02-13
  • Related Websites:
  • Validity: One week
  • Enactment: 1976-02-13
  • Contact Office: Licencing office ,Department of Regulatory,Enforcement and comliance Affairs
  • Resolution Criteria: Meeting all conditions